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Our mission is to shift  anxiety  

from adversary, to ally.

One of the biggest roadblocks in today’s world is anxiety.  Everybody has it:

6 year olds on the beach and executives making million dollar deals.  

Anxiety is running and ruining lives. You can’t escape it. Avoiding anxiety makes it worse. Avoidance gives anxiety power.  It is completely possible to take your power back and launch yourself into a potent new way of being.


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Anxiety acts like an emotional autoimmune disease (self attack). Anxiety is the effort of avoiding sensations and feelings. 

Anxiety arises from internal disconnection, separation, avoidance, and resistance.



Serving Seattle and communities worldwide.

in-person and online

Our body sensations and emotional system act like sonar or GPS. Humans are designed to feel; we must relearn how to feel and unlearn numbness and avoidance.

Listen to our 20 minute podcast on

"Transforming Anxiety" 


Personal work is comprehensive, holistic and expansive.  A powerful combination to generate healing and accelerate future growth:

·     EMDR Therapy

·     Somatic Leadership Coaching

·     Functional Nutrition

·     Physical Training

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