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EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a mind-body exercise that accesses the subconscious mind and nervous system to clear mental and emotional blocks. EMDR moves well beyond typical talk therapy to promote ‘letting go’ and enhances the ability to move forward and optimize performance.


  • negative/critical self talk

  • poor stress management

  • inconsistent performance

  • anxiety

  • low self esteem

  • trauma, abuse, crisis

  • anger, judgment

  • procrastination

  • avoiding teamwork

  • fear of public speaking, presentations, interviews

EMDR is effective for:



Learn to expand your awareness and use your body’s natural abilities to your advantage. Our sensations and perceptions are powerful tools. Through coaching and practice you will discover ways to put these tools to best use.


The feelings that used to be labeled as anxiety can be transformed into our most valuable assets, when we put them in a new context with new understanding. Deep coaching and embodiment practices help ground and organize sensations, attention, awareness, and story.

Although results vary from person to person, possible outcomes include:


• Improved personal and professional relationships

• Clearly identifiable next steps towards a goal

• New insight on a persistent challenge

• A deeper level of self-awareness

• Develop a broader range of emotional flexibility and agility

• Alignment with purpose

• Articulate your needs more effectively

• A more substantial leadership presence

• Engage in effective coordinated action with others

The results are completely determined by the client’s level of participation, and rigor to the practices co-created with the coach. We create and reveal the path together, but you must walk down it to gain the benefit.

Physical Training


Our program is centered on building a healthy integrated relationship between mind and body. Anxiety is a breakdown in this relationship where the mind can feel “attacked” by the sensations produced in our body. Poor posture, muscle tension, improper breathing patterns, physical fatigue and a general lack of body awareness are underlying irritations that produce distress signals from our body.


When we suppress these sensations and ignore our bodies’ requests, we are actively setting the
conditions for anxiety to grow and negatively impact our body and mind.

Building a consistent physical practice is a powerful way to improve movement patterns, balance posture, increase stamina, and sharpen somatic awareness.

When we embrace exercise and physical activity, not only do we discharge the accumulation of stress, but we also build the capacity to be more resilient and recover faster from future stress. Movement is medicine!



Functional nutrition goes beyond general nutrition by focusing on the physiological, cellular and metabolic needs of the individual.  Advanced, but non invasive testing greatly aids the ability to diagnose the needs of the body.

  • Saliva testing through Cyrex labs will look at mucosal immunity, food allergies, heavy metals, immunoglobulins, and blood-brain barrier proteins.  A gut on fire is a brain on fire (inflammation).

  • GI Map, or stool testing, will check for gut pathogens, H pylori, digestive enzymes, beneficial bacteria, yeast, fungi and more.

  • Nutrition Genome testing will inform you of the functioning of digestion, DNA repair, methylation, hormones, neurotransmitters and detoxification pathways.  

"TEST, DON"T GUESS!"  High quality supplements and diet modifications are then made based on individual results.

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