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KATIE McKENNA, LMHC CN is a psychotherapist with a Master’s degree in Nutrition. Her full time private practice offers a unique, integrative approach that fosters change on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  


She integrates the latest research on the body mind connection, belief systems and the nervous system to guide people in clearing negative, subconscious beliefs and reactive trauma responses.  She also has mentored with Char Sundust, a native medicine woman, for over 12 years to carry the wisdom of cross-cultural spirituality within all of her work.  

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“I am here to guide people past guilt, shame and fear, so that we can create a world full of personal power, evolution, freedom, safety and beauty.”

  • Owner, entrepreneur Vibrant Health, 2011

  • Master of Science Nutrition and Clinical Health Psychology, Bastyr University 2009

  • Bachelor of Science Nutrition, Bastyr University 2003


TITUS KAHOUTEK is both coach and co-founder of Anxiety Experts and Heroics Training Systems.


First and foremost Titus is a lover of life! An explorer at heart, he is fascinated by the human landscape. As a coach, trainer, speaker and co-founder his work focuses on activating and empowering human potential through reintegrating the bodymind. He works with innovators, leaders and organizations to optimize performance and enrich the living experience.

Titus's Coaching work:

“My passion is to create learning environments that foster the process of self-discovery. We all have hidden skills and capacities that can be cultivated through practice. I love being witness to that moment when a person gains access to abilities they never knew they had.”

  • Strozzi Leadership Institute

  • Newfield Certified Coach

  • University of Arizona

  • CHEK Institute

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