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e•motions are your super power

Understand what is really going on with anxiety

As a therapist and a coach, we have teamed up to demystify and redefine anxiety. This is about self discovery; not self-improvement. This class is an Owner's Manual to help you understand your sensations, emotions and nervous system.

Over the last decade we facilitated  workshops and group classes for organizations and individuals with a focus on neurohacking & emotional agility (ninja stress management).  While working with with leaders and professionals at Amazon, Expedia, F5, Zillow, and Microsoft, we have developed powerful tools for overcoming anxiety with proven results! 

15 Modules and over 6 hours of video content!


you can heal anxiety

What you will learn:

  • How to successfully confront your anxiety

  • Embrace your sensations

  • Strengthen the body-mind connection

  • Reprogram negative mental habits

  • Find freedom from fear

  • Cultivate wellbeing


15 life changing lessons you can complete at any pace



 'The Genius of Anxiety' Chapter 1

Tree Lined Path

Anxiety Redefined

Anxiety is not a disease to be treated.  It is a set of sensations that occur when your nervous system moves into fight or flight.  Anxiety feels worse the more we resist it.  Learn to feel your sensations and reconnect with your body..

 'The Genius of Anxiety' Chapter 3


Anatomy of Anxiety

Take a simple and straightforward look at the biological basics of what creates the physical sensations of anxiety.  Learn stress reduction and vagal tone skills.

 'The Genius of Anxiety' Chapter 5

In front of the class

Language: More than Words

Language shapes how we see the world.  We can consciously use language to help reprogram and reframe anxiety and general worldview.

 'The Genius of Anxiety' Chapter 7

Person in hoodie

Understanding Personality Patterns

Habits of personality are influenced by our coping skills and the masks we wear.  Learn to recognize your archetypes, increase your ability to shift roles and move towards a more authentic and current expression of self. 

 'The Genius of Anxiety' Chapter 9

Orange Blossom

Attachment Style & Anxiety

How we learn to attach as children is a mix of nature and nurture.  A deeper understanding of your own attachment style will provide you with skills and agency to re-regulate your nervous system.

 'The Genius of Anxiety' Chapter 11

Sunset Views

Emotional Agility & Mood Shifting

Emotions are a part of you, but you are more than your emotions.  Unlearn numbness and resistance and learn how to mood shift in healthy ways.

 'The Genius of Anxiety' Chapter 13

Female Dancer

Movement: Body Mind Integration

We are human animals and we are meant to move our bodies.  Movement literally helps reduce anxiety.  Learn how to create a healthy relationship to movement. 

 'The Genius of Anxiety' Chapter 15

Girl Hiking in Mountains

Moving Forward

Healing and change are crafted through small, deliberate practices.  What are your declarations and commitments moving forward?

 'The Genius of Anxiety' Chapter 2

Hot Shaped Metal

Shaping Influences

Anxiety is influenced by our culture, environment, family values and more.  Take a deeper look at how these invisible forces shape your worldview and affect your experience of anxiety.

 'The Genius of Anxiety' Chapter 4


Emotions: A Personal Map

Emotions are a unique personal map related to your collection of values, experiences and beliefs.  Differentiate between emotions and sensations and the 3 Keys to Emotional Literacy.

 'The Genius of Anxiety' Chapter 6

Green and Red Wires

Rewire Faulty Thinking Patterns

Not everything we think is true or accurate.  Learn to recognize your cognitive distortions and replace them with new patterns of interpreting experience. 

 'The Genius of Anxiety' Chapter 8

Shapes Puzzle

Hidden Blocks

Blind spots and self sabotage are natural aspects to confront when you are healing and changing.  Learn the deeper meaning behind them so that they no longer have power over you.

 'The Genius of Anxiety' Chapter 10

Catching a Wave

Building Tolerance & Resilience

Emotions move like a wave: peak and then dissolve.  They aren't always comfortable, but they pass.  Learn the 5 Keys to Tolerance.

 'The Genius of Anxiety' Chapter 12

Judicial system

Facing the Inner Critic

The inner critic is often a constant source of anxiety.  Using curiosity and compassion, learn how to gently engage the inner critic and directly transform it. 

 'The Genius of Anxiety' Chapter 14

Balancing Rocks

Mindfulness & Meditation

The present moment is the most potent moment for creating real change in our lives.  It's not about silencing the mind.  Learn easy ways to build and strengthen your awareness and attention. 

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