• Ready to expand your range of motion?

  • Ready to reach escape velocity?

  • Break the glass ceiling?

This is about innovation.  It’s easier to learn new habits than to break old ones.  This is not about repair and fixing, you are not broken.

What We Offer : What We Expect

  • Accelerate growth.

  • Break through obstacles.

  • Integrate learning to the point of instinct.

  • Create a determined state of readiness and self awareness.


Together, we will all hold the space of open, humble, curious commitment. We supply therapeutic techniques and interventions that are not dry, cold and clinical.  We will set clear expectations, values and practices that will serve growth and create the map for where you want to go. This is a demanding environment with high value and high expectation; nobody holds back.  


Coaching for Individuals

Our one on one work is focused into time frames of 3, 6 and 12 months. Personal work is comprehensive, holistic and expansive.  A powerful combination to generate healing and accelerate future growth:

EMDR Therapy 

Somatic Leadership Coaching

Functional Nutrition

Physical Training

3 MONTHS    $6,000

Is an introduction - enough basics to get you started.  If you’ve been in a long term chronic relationship with anxiety, 3 months is not enough time to see you through the full break up.  3 months is also a useful time frame for returning clients to fine tune or freshen up their skills.


In 3 months you will have approximately 10 sessions with Titus and 10 sessions with Katie.  This can and will vary depending on individual need and focus. Sessions are in person (Seattle) or via Zoom and are generally 60 minutes.

6 MONTHS    $10,000

With 6 months time, the evolution is extensive and the new growth has time to take root and sustain real-life challenges.  Anxiety can wear different masks, within 6 months time you will be able to disarm it from many angles.


The 6 month time frame is our customary standard package.  You will start off with two sessions each week of the first month, and then move to one session a week; alternating between coaching and EMDR with training and nutrition added as relevant.  Sessions are 90 minutes.

12 MONTHS    $18,000

12 month commitment is for the individual who knows they are entering an accelerated period of growth, and they project a need for long term support to see them through the year ahead.  Number and timing of sessions are highly dependent on your goals and schedule; support can be concentrated during times of peak performance and then downgraded when in between projects or transitions.  

Scholarships and Internships Available