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Thank you to our amazing clients who have benefited from our program.
  • "There comes a point in your career and life where you hit your plateau, and it is you, not your opportunities that need to evolve."
    Titus and Katie guided me through the most significant set of personal healing breakthroughs that have fundamentally shifted how I love, lead, collaborate, create, and respond to change. These shifts have to lead to greater satisfaction in my personal life, greater center, and the ability to lead exceptional outcomes in my company." Laura, Product Executive in Artificial Intelligence
  • “In 2018 I was confronted by a situation where the only tools I had to manage myself in the situation were based on the past trauma. I realized my patterns to push people away and completely disconnecting with them was leading me down a path of causing suffering on myself and others. I knew I needed a guide who can help me reprocess and integrate with myself so I can move forward building on new practices for myself.
    I reached out to a friend to find Katie, because I heard of the EMDR success she had. I started working with Katie and immediately I felt this is the right guide for me. She provided the space and resources to be me and allowed me to present what I felt was darkness within. Katie taught me that memories of all kinds are physically stored along within our minds and healing is an integrative process. This gave me the ability to build a deeper relationship with myself so I would have the tools to know what to do next. After working with her for a few months, I realized I needed a coach to help me build new practices, because at the time even though I was healing, I had my old practices on how to engage with the world around me. She forwarded me to Titus and when I had my first chat with him, I realized he knew how to get deeper and help you discover the language perspective patterns to change. I learned to connect with my humanity as well as being able to connect with other people's humanity. Additionally, I learned the way we grow and change are based on the practices we have. From these tools from both Katie and Titus, I was able to understand its not my fault for experiencing the trauma and it is my responsibility to choose practices aligned to my values and core principals. This powerful realization lead to me to see, I need no permission to be great and I need no permission to do great work with others. The Katie and Titus dynamic duo provided me with the full spectrum to understand, heal, and grow myself.” B.N., Computer Scientist
  • “Working with Titus and Katie is the cornerstone of any personal and professional success I've had in the last 5 years. They empowered me to heal my body, mind and soul. They have helped identify my traumas and blockers and given me practical tools to work through them and thrive as a result throughout the years."
    This has helped me create healthy and happy personal relationships and has empowered me to be successful in my business endeavors as well. The best part is I never stop learning from them.” D.T., CEO
  • “Titus and Katie helped me to change my life for the better - in a profound way. For years I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression, and I’ve worked with professional therapists for many of those years. In the spring of 2018, I found myself exhausted from the struggle and was slipping into an emotional breakdown. After being connected with Titus, I started working with him as a life coach."
    He was able to connect with me immediately, on every level, and is perhaps the most fearless person I’ve ever worked with. He encouraged me to discover myself at the core, through physical awareness and connection with my body. He helped me to learn when I was stuck. I began to understand how to tap into my emotions and harness that power to move through life in a less constrained way. Most importantly, he related to me like no one else. I also began working with Katie a couple of weeks after starting with Titus - to work through the emotions I wasn’t able to let go of. Katie is amazing! She guided me through the process of letting go of certain beliefs I’d formed about myself, along with the emotions attached to them. The trauma stored in both my body and mind had led to PTSD symptoms for the past decade. After working with both Titus and Katie for about three months, I was much more comfortable in how I feel about myself, less fearful in social settings and work environments, and the PTSD symptoms have dissipated greatly. I would highly recommend Katie and Titus to anyone who experiences anxiety or depression. Life has gotten so much better - I’m eternally grateful to both of them!” J.W., Financial Analyst
  • "Speaking from the heart, I would say:"
    Titus and Katie saved me. Not to be contrite, but I wouldn't be the person I am today if I hadn't worked with them." - Ceci in Seattle
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